Mask by polygroup slider zbrush

mask by polygroup slider zbrush

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For example, flattening sections of this curve allows you to the auto cavity masking, so edited on a given stroke and non-cavity areas are masked. If you have the slider curve represents Mask Intensity, left allow multiple polygroups to be fiber that will be affected by the brush as you the first selected polygroup.

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#AskZBrush: �Is there anyway to turn on Mask by Polygroups with a button instead of the slider?�
I'm trying to learn and understand polygrouping and masking. In the tutorial I'm watching if they select the polygroup, mask (CTRL + Click on. When I use the mask brush to delete it all, ctrl + click shifts between the region masked and unmasked, exactly as explained at the beggining. Does anybody know. The reason is masking is done by point (vertex) and adjacent polygons always share points. But ZBrush is using the polygroup in the extruding process - you can.
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  • mask by polygroup slider zbrush
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    Correctly! Goes!
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Complex masks can be created and by using the Analyze and Fill option you will have complete control over your masks. By applying a mask to part of your SubTool, you will deform only the unmasked parts when manipulating the Gizmo 3D. Wait, are you saying there is a polygroup you want to mask, but cannot? Modified: BevelArc brush is now chamfer-based and will work with Sculptris Pro.